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May 14, 2010


Today we would like to introduce you my styling teacher and his recycle collection for NEW YORK fashion week 2010. He is one of my favorite teacher with good taste, cool and fantastic

He is a true creator of brand image and design visionary who successfully predicts tastes to drive future trends in product, communication and youth culture. Consistently achieves strong aesthetic result with meticulous eye for detail balanced against exceptional business acumen.

He did a lot in styling for famous magazine and fashion show

In this NYC collection he has crated his collection by using the recycle garment

A collection of dresses inspired by a vintage couture, made entirely from the recycle garments. The silhouettes conjure up the refined elegance of vintage ball-gowns. The challenge to create a couture-inspired dress collection using recycled clothing has grown from a simple past-time to a serious message that recycled garments can be made into something BEAUTIFUL....

Newspaper dress which is made by 30 copies of the "Financial Times" folded and attached to a salmon pink corset to create "tulle" skirt.

Baseball puffball dress made by 26 nylon baseball jackets

Denim dress made by 42 pairs of Levi 501's

Wedding dress made by 10 wedding dress in white and cream silk & polyster

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