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September 12, 2011




สาวก ของ brand สาวหวาน ปน sexy อย่าง Milin เตรียมตัวเสียตังค์ เเบบเสียสติ กันได้เเล้วจร้าา

จุดนี้ขอเตือน เพราะ collection นี้ นางมากับการเเสดง ล้วนๆ ไม่เชื่อลองอ่าน inspiration ดูซิจ๊ะ

“The inspiration for stage of mine derived from visiting several theatres in Milan, Italy, which the most impressive one is la Scala (Teatro alla Scala in Italian). With the all decoration and atmosphere that can take us back to the time when people elaborately dressed up for a sartorial event in the theatre. We would like to turn back time, but of course with modernization twist.” This season will bring us back to experience the elegance and gloriousness of the past. Milin started from searching old pictures until she found pictures on set GI Blues in 1960, a mass gathering event, among Thai Royal family and legendary superstar, Elvis Presley. Milin felt that it would be terrific if she could metamorphose what we have seen in these pictures from black and white into colorful vivid costumes that that creates a fresh feeling and can link back to the theatre. This Milin’s fall collection has the key concept of reflecting surreal emotions and representing “obviously beautiful dimension”.
Apart from color, the collection was present by apprehending an emotional feeling of a girl who steps into a theatre dreaming of being the star. The costumes she picked would be detailed and adorned with eye-catching flamboyant colors to make herself more interesting. In the first act, by matching halter neckline or strapless top with miniskirt, wide leg pants, or either hot mini shorts, so she can be absolutely sexy and outshining. For second act, when she finally lands her eyes on a guy, she starts flirting and making influence over him for the leading role she desires. At this act, the silhouette has been shifted by adding masculine touch. Next, the third act is Milin’s signature printed clothing for example, theatre print, character print, and dressing table print combining with graphic reflects technique to make them look more contemporary and more dimensional. Draping technique used in this collection especially as seen in cocktail dresses has been inspired by the theatre’s curtain. In the last act, Milin adds elegance touch in clothing by decorating them with lace embroidery, sequin, and sprinkled diamond dust on the shiny look fabrics. Also, playing with the oversize bow and adding additional fur on short dresses. Apart from that, Milin adapted the printing techniques of foiled screen onto the fabric making the firework print become surreal and felicitous with Milin theatre of life. 

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