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May 30, 2011


The Secret Store

Starting today Topshop is unveiling a mini shopping Narnia to consumers with their Secret Store pop-up space in their Oxford Circus and New York branches. All pieces are limited edition and will be instore and online for just two weeks.

Hidden amidst the store, this secret cove is a room laden with designer collaborations and unique Topshop Boutique pieces. The journey and the discovery of this enclave bears a whimsical touch as your trek to uncover this treasure trove following instructions that remind you of Harry Potter or Disney films.

The florist in the corner of the Lower Ground Floor which is being curated by Meadham Kirchhoff, is your first clue and requires close inspection because behind the field of flowers lies a door.

As you walk through the door you emerge into the Secret Store space, a land made up of designer collaborations with Meadham Kirchhoff, Nasir Mazhar and Maria Francesca Pepeamong others and brimming with specially-designed Boutique pieces. New York designer Tom Scott will also be the latest label introduced as part of Topshop Emerge. Headpieces, dresses, even homewares and luggage are just some of the items you stumble upon in this bazaar

And the best thing about the 'Secret Store' is how everything has been designed exclusively for it, so after the limited edition pieces are sold you will not be able to purchase them again as Topshop momentarily take the fast fashion element out of the high street.

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